Reviewing ADE Device Assignments

About this task

Device assignments are documented in a .csv file that lists all of the Automated Device Enrollment (ADE) devices assigned to an instance of SOTI MobiControl by their serial number and device type.

To generate a list of device assignments:


  1. On the Apple tab, select the Rules tab.
  2. Right-click an ADE add devices rule and select Manage ADE Assignments to open the Manage Automated Device Enrollment dialog box and display devices currently assigned to the selected rule.
  3. Select All Devices in Selected Account from the Devices Assigned To drop-down to display all of the ADE devices enrolled under the selected account.
    You can refine the device list by applying filters based on which add device rule they are assigned to, their enrollment status, and their ADE profile status.
  4. Click the Export button and save the .csv file to your computer.
  5. Click OK to close the Manage Automated Device Enrollment dialog box.