Microsoft Exchange Server Configuration

Before you begin

To ensure that only SOTI MobiControl-managed devices get email access, configure Office 365 to either Block or Quarantine devices from an organizational level. Enroll all your devices while using this setting in a production environment. Typically, this setting is not used during a trial or evaluation. Existing enrolled devices might also be temporarily blocked or quarantined until they check into SOTI MobiControl.
Note: Assign a compliance policy to devices for the Allow/Block Exchange actions to work. By default, these actions start every 15 minutes. However, SOTI MobiControl must retrieve one-time information from Exchange before executing the action. This happens every four hours by default.
Note: SOTI MobiControl 15.3 introduced Certificate-Based Authentication (CBA) because Microsoft deprecated Basic Authentication for PowerShell API integration.

About this task

To integrate Microsoft Office 365 with SOTI MobiControl, perform all the steps in the following sections:


  1. Installing the ExchangeOnlineManagement Module
  2. Registering the App in Azure AD
  3. Assigning Azure Active Directory Roles
  4. Assigning API Permissions
  5. Creating the Connection and Downloading the Certificate
  6. Uploading the Certificate from SOTI MobiControl
  7. Completing the Exchange Server Configuration