Configuring Global Proxy

About this task

You can configure a proxy server through which the SOTI MobiControl management service can communicate with the Internet for application catalogs, search requests, location services, and so on.

To configure the proxy server:


  1. Select Global Settings from the main menu.
  2. From the Settings tree on the left, select Services > Global Proxy.
  3. In the Global Proxy page that opens (see Global Proxy), add or change settings as required:
    Enable Global Proxy Turn on the toggle to enable global proxy in your SOTI MobiControl instance. This displays the controls for global proxy definition on the page.
    Proxy Address Enter the address and the port number of the proxy server.
    Require Authentication Turn on the toggle if the proxy server requires user authentication. This displays additional controls on the page.
    Username Enter the username used to authenticate on the proxy server.
    Password Enter the password used to authenticate on the proxy server.
    Domain Exception Click the + icon and enter a domain name for each URIs you want to be accessed directly instead of through the proxy server.
  4. Click Save.