Setting Up Service Level Agreements

Use the Service Level Agreementssection of the Group view to define or edit the group's SLAs. You can define and maintain multiple SLAs per group to ensure the required treatment granularity for that group's incidents.

When you create an incident, you assign a priority level to it. An incident with a higher priority is more urgent and must be resolved more quickly than an incident with a lower priority. If an incident is not resolved within the maximum time specified for its priority level, the incident is considered overdue.

See Priority Levels for more information.

Time Zone Select a time zone for your SLAs.
Incident Priorities and Service Targets This section lists all incident priorities defined in the system (Blocker, Critical, etc.). The list contains the following columns:
  • Priority - the incident priority
  • Service Target - enter the number of working hours within which incidents of this priority should be resolved
  • Working Hours - select the Working Hours definition to be associated with this incident priority
Manage Working Hours Click this icon to open the Manage Working Hours dialog box, where you can manage work hour and holiday definitions - see Manage Working Hours and Holidays. SOTI XSight uses work hours and holidays to calculate how much time was spent on an incident resolution and to decide if the incident was resolved in accordance with the relevant Service Level Agreement.
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