Generating the SOTI XSight Agent

About this task

Configure and receive a package file and then deploy it through SOTI MobiControl.


  1. Select Generate XSight Agent from the Operational Intelligence menu.
    Main menu generate xsight agent
  2. In the Description field of the Generate XSight Agent window, describe why the agent is being deployed. The description is used for auditing purposes only. It is not the name displayed in MobiControl.
    Generate xsight agent panel
  3. Select an available SOTI XSight agent version from the dropdown.
  4. Select the SOTI MobiControl instance that will deploy the SOTI XSight agent.
  5. Click Advanced Settings to adjust agent communication and connection settings as needed.
  6. Click Publish. A package is generated that SOTI MobiControl can deploy to devices.
  7. In SOTI MobiControl, assign the new package to a profile to deploy to devices.