SOTI XSight Agent and MobiControl Security Certificate

Once the SOTI XSight Agent is installed on a device, it creates an SSL connection with the SOTI XSight server over port 5493.

Process for establishing a secure connection:

  • The SOTI XSight Agent Service rejects the initial connection due to improper security (no JWT Token)
  • The SOTI XSight Agent Service receives a device ID from the device’s newly-installed Agent
  • SOTI XSight Agent Service communicates with the MobiControl MS (Management Server) and creates a JWT token for this device
  • Script is deployed from the MobiControl DS (Deployment Server) to a MobiControl Agent and places a JWT token for the device in the MobiControl Agent database
  • The SOTI XSight Agent communicates to the MobiControl Agent to receive the JWT token and place it in the SOTI XSight Agent database.
  • The SOTI XSight Agent then retries its initial failed connection but now presents its JWT token to the XAS and the connection is successful