What's New in SOTI Connect Help

New Product Features

The following new SOTI Connect features are covered in this version of the online help:

  • Permissions: SOTI Connect now allows administrators to set up user access permissions by device group, limiting roles to specific groups for read and update capability. In addition, certain functional level access controls can also be assigned by group, specifically relating to certificates and configurations. See Adding a User Role and Granting Permissions for more information.
  • Clustering: Protocol Adapter (PA) clustering has been extended to the Zebra version of the PA, providing failover and load balancing support to the Zebra solution. Clustering has also been extended to the Management Server to allow for automatic failover of the system core – manual failover is still supported if desired. See Adding a New Protocol Adapter (PA) to Form a Cluster and Setting Up a Management Service (MS) Cluster for more information.
  • Visualization Design Studio: The customer or partner can now create their own visualization tabs through the Design Studio, allowing them to customize the interface for different needs and information. SOTI Connect has also added additional widgets such as graphs, an image carousel, and gauges for better presentation of key data. See Creating Custom Device Visualizations for more information.
  • Network Inventory: SOTI Connect can now help you understand what devices are on your system through our Network Inventory feature, searching parts of your network for all connected devices and allowing you to track them. See Creating a Network Inventory for more information.
  • Autorenewal of device certificates: Allows SOTI Connect to track when a device’s certificate is set to expire, alert IT, and then automatically renew the certificate. See Certificate Template for more information.
  • Slack Messaging: Slack is now available as a messaging option. See Configuring Email, SMS, and Slack Messaging for more information.