The Advanced dialog box enables you to reclaim ownership of a VPP account, enable license removal notifications, and reconcile VPP licenses.

Reclaim VPP Account Ownership

If the selected VPP account has been claimed by another MDM instance, and you want to reclaim ownership for this SOTI MobiControl instance, select the VPP account in the drop-down list and click the Reclaim Ownership button.

License Removal Notification

License removal notification informs a device user when their VPP application license has been disassociated from their device or Apple ID. To enable VPP license removal notification on devices, select the Enabling License Removal Notification option.

Reconcile VPP Licenses

SOTI MobiControl reconciles VPP licenses (that is, revokes VPP licenses and converts license assignment types) by contacting the Apple VPP store every 24 hours. If you need to reconcile VPP licenses with the Apple VPP store immediately, click the Reconcile VPP Licenses button.