Console Security

Use the Console Security dialog box to manage user security settings for the SOTI MobiControl console. You can control access to the console, integrate LDAP groups, and link SOTI MobiControl to your identity providers.

The Console Security dialog box is divided into four tabs:

Access Control Policies

The Access Control Policies tab governs the user access settings for the console. You can set password complexity requirements, determine how many times a user is allowed to attempt a login before they are locked out, and allow users to change or reset their passwords.

Note: These settings are applicable only to local SOTI MobiControl user accounts.
Lock accounts after number failed logins When enabled, console users are locked out of their console account if they fail to log into their account more than the specified number of attempts.
Allow users to change their account password When enabled, console users can choose their own passwords for their account. SOTI MobiControl console administrators will still be able to see passwords on the Security tab.
User passwords must meet the following complexity requirements When enabled, you can set a minimum level of complexity for user passwords to encourage security when accessing the console. Complexity requirements can be based on password length or mandatory character types.

LDAP Integration

Click Manage to open the Directory Service Manager dialog box in which you can integrate LDAP groups with SOTI MobiControl. When you integrate your LDAP groups with SOTI MobiControl you can leverage an existing set of credentials for authentication within SOTI MobiControl and to enroll your devices.

See Managing Directory Service Connections for more information.


You can incorporate SOTI MobiControl into your single sign on (SSO) solution to provide a single entry point for your users. SOTI MobiControl supports SAML 2.0 identity providers (IdPs). Select Enable SSO and choose an existing IdP connection from the drop-down list, or click the Manage button to configure a new IdP connection in the Identity Provider Manager dialog box.

See Managing Identity Provider Connections for more information.

Endpoint Authentication

Configure authentication settings for other SOTI MobiControl endpoints such as the Self Service Portal and the iOS Profile Catalog.

If you are using LDAP or IdP groups for authentication, see Managing Directory Service Connections or Managing Identity Provider Connections to learn how to configure your groups.