Configure Logging and Alerts Maintenance

The Configure Logging and Alerts Maintenance dialog box enables you to view and configure various settings for the event logs generated and stored in the SOTI MobiControl database.

With time, event logs and the database in which they are stored grow in size. If the size of the logs is not limited, they can cause the database to grow substantially and eventually run out of space. To avoid such situations, log maintenance is highly recommended.

Note: Truncation occurs at midnight (local time of the management service); however the management service truncates records according to the UTC time stamp.

Data Truncation

The Data Truncation tab enables you to configure truncation of the historical data stored in the database based on log entry age. For example, if you wish to truncate device-generated logs older than 6 months, you would select Device generated and set the time to 6 months.

Selecting the Archive option will save the truncated logs to a file. To specify the folder in which you want the truncated log file to be saved, select the Archive folder option and enter the local or UNC path to the folder in the corresponding text field.

Note: When using a UNC path, make sure that the SOTI MobiControl server has read and write access to the specified path.

Immediate Truncation

You can truncate logs immediately. However, these logs will not also be archived immediately - archival only occurs during nightly maintenance.

  • Click Truncate Logs to immediately truncate log data.
  • Click Truncate Alerts to immediately truncate alert message data.

Data Deletion

Select the Delete archives older than option to delete archives that are older than the specified time. Once these files are deleted, there is no way to restore these files. Make sure they are backed up first if you need them at a later date.

Select the Delete devices which are offline more than option to automatically delete devices that have not connected during the specified time. This is helpful to free up licenses for devices that are no longer in use.

Select the Permanently delete devices from database when devices deleted from Web Console option to remove all records of the device from the SOTI MobiControl database once it is deleted from the console. Turn on this option to comply with privacy laws such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). If this option is not enabled, device records are maintained in the database and will be re-associated with the device if it is ever re-enrolled.