Enrollment Settings

Use the Enrollment Settings dialog box to specify a default add devices rule for each device platform. Device users can then enroll their devices by navigating to the launch point URL.

Launch Point URL

This section displays the launch point URL for unified enrollment. When you send this URL to a device, and the device navigates to the URL, the device user has the option of enrolling their device (using the default add devices rule for the device platform) or logging into the Self Service Platform.

Note: You can override the default add devices rule by appending the enrollment ID of the rule to the end of the launch point URL.


This section enables you to select a custom logo to be displayed on the enrollment pages. Click on the image to update the logo graphic.

Note: The maximum file size is 1 MB, and the maximum dimensions are 1024 × 1024 pixels.

Default Add Devices Rules

This section enables you to select a default add devices rule for each platform. The default add devices rule is used to enroll devices if no rule is specified in the URL.


The Enable Strict Android Re-Enrollment option enables SOTI MobiControl to use more criteria to determine whether an Android device is being enrolled as a new device or is being re-enrolled. Specifically, SOTI MobiControl will attempt, on a best efforts basis, to match the device being enrolled with a previously enrolled device by comparing hardware parameters other than the device generated ID. When this option is not enabled, only the device generated ID will be compared, which will result in factory reset devices appearing as new devices on re-enrollment.