Manage Android Agents

Use the Manage Android Agents dialog box to download new Android device agents to the SOTI MobiControl database. Within this dialog, you can also update existing agents with newer versions.

The process for adding and updating Android device agents in your SOTI MobiControl database is split into several steps to facilitate testing new device agents on your devices before pushing them to your entire deployment.

Begin by adding (or updating) devices agents to your SOTI MobiControl database. Adding a device agent at this point will not download it to your devices. You can instead choose to also download the .apk to your computer and sideload it onto devices to test its compatibility with your deployment.

After you've ensured there are no issues, you can use the Update Compatibility button to designate earlier versions of the device agent as outdated and then use an Upgrade Agent device action to push the update to the rest of your devices.

Search Manufacturer Name Enter the name of the manufacturer whose device agents you want to review. Use the search field in combination with the filter dropdown list to refine your results.
[Filter] dropdown list. Use this dropdown list to filter the displayed device agents.
  • Choose All to see all possible manufacturers and their device agents.
  • Choose Out of date to see only those device agents where a newer version is available for download.
  • Choose Up to date to only see device agents where the latest available version is already installed on the SOTI MobiControl database.
  • Choose Pending Compatibility to only see device agents who have the latest version installed on the SOTI MobiControl database but whose compatibility has not been switched to only include the latest version. That is, devices currently running previous versions of the device agents are still deemed acceptable and won't be forced to update.
Latest Version Number Click the version number in the Latest Version column to download the .apk file to your local computer.
Add Click to download the selected device agent to the SOTI MobiControl database.
Update Click to replace the device agent currently installed on your SOTI MobiControl database with the latest version.
Update Compatibility Click to set all previous versions of the device agent as incompatible and outdated. Existing devices will display a warning to update their agent and newly enrolled device will automatically enroll with the latest version.
Add Selected Downloads all the selected device agents to the SOTI MobiControl database.