Upgrading SOTI MobiControl

About this task

To upgrade your SOTI MobiControl instance:


Prepare your environment for upgrade
  1. Check the system requirements for SOTI MobiControl 15.6.
    Important: If you’re upgrading from 11.x, 12.x, or 13.3.x, you’ll have to upgrade in stages. Carefully review the system requirements at each stage of your planned upgrade process to minimize the number of system modifications that you need to perform.

    If you're upgrading from a version earlier than 11, contact the SOTI Professional Services or Support teams for assistance.

  2. Make sure your enrolled devices are still supported in 15.6. Check Device Requirements.
  3. Check any end-of-life notices.
  4. Backup your SOTI MobiControl database.
    The SOTI MobiControl setup wizard will back up your database automatically. However, you should also back it up independently. If you are running a non-Express edition of Microsoft SQL Server, you can back up your database using the Backup tool provided with the Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Manager. You can also use a third-party backup tool.
Upgrade your environment
  1. Close the SOTI MobiControl console and shut down all SOTI MobiControl services, including all SOTI MobiControl deployment servers. You can use either the SOTI MobiControl Administration Utility or Windows Services.
  2. Download the SOTI MobiControl installer from the SOTI web site and copy the installer to every server that you want to upgrade.
    Use the same installer version on every server.
  3. Run the SOTI MobiControl installer as an administrator to launch the SOTI MobiControl setup wizard.
    The SOTI MobiControl installer for a fresh installation and an upgrade is the same. See Installing SOTI MobiControl for reference on the different screens.
  4. Follow the instructions in the setup wizard.
    Warning: On the feature selection screen, keep any currently installed components selected. If you clear the selection for a feature that was previously installed, the setup wizard will remove that feature during the upgrade.
  5. Click Finish to close the installation wizard.
  6. Run the installer on the rest of your servers.
    You may need to stop SOTI MobiControl services again because services are often configured to auto-start during installation or upgrade.


Your SOTI MobiControl system is now up-to-date. You can restart the SOTI MobiControl services.

Note: Alerts may appear on your devices in the console if their device agents are out of date. To automatically upgrade devices agents, enable agent upgrade. Read Upgrading a Device Agent

What to do next

Your devices may have a warning sign in the SOTI MobiControl console. It means that agent upgrade must be enabled for the automatic upgrade of device agents to proceed.