Defining Permissions Based on a Device Group

About this task

Note: The best practice is to define permissions at the role level, and then assign users and groups to the role so that they inherit the role-level definitions. For details, see Best Practices.

To define device group-specific permissions for a user management entity (user, group, or role):


  1. Select Users and Permissions from the main menu.
  2. In the left pane, select the required tab (Roles, Groups, or Users).
  3. Click the required role, group, or user in the left pane to expand it.
  4. Click the Device Permissions item under the role or group to display the list of permissions in the main pane.
  5. In the Device Groups section, select deice group(s) for which you want to define permissions.
  6. In the Permissions section, define/edit the device group permissions as required.
    See Device Group Permissions for information on specific permissions.
  7. Optional: To copy permissions defined for one device group to another device group:
    1. Right-click the "source" device group.
    2. Select Copy Permissions from the context menu top open the Copy Permissions dialog (see Copy Permissions).
    3. Use the dialog controls to select the "target" device group:
      Roles, Groups, and Users Search for, and select, one or more target entities.
      Search Groups Start typing the name of the target device group in this field to filter the Target Device Group list.
      Target Device Group This section displays a hierarchy of device groups available for selection. Navigate the hierarchy to find the required device group, then select that group's option button.
    4. Click Apply to copy permissions to the target device group or Cancel to close the dialog box without copying.
  8. Optional: Click the Reset icon at the top of the main pane to reset the entity's general permissions.

    This action performed on:

    • Role - resets all permissions to "Deny"
    • User or group - resets all permissions to those inherited from the role(s) the user or group is assigned to
  9. Click Save to save changes or Cancel to discard changes.