Assigning API Permissions


  1. On the app page, select API permissions. The API permissions page opens.
  2. Select Add a Permission. The Request API permissions window opens.
  3. Select APIs my organization uses, search for Office 365 Exchange Online, and choose Office 365 Exchange Online from the list of names.
  4. From "What type of permissions does your application require," select Application Permissions.
  5. In the list of permissions, select Exchange > Exchange.ManageAsApp. Select Add permissions. Exchange.ManageAsApp appears under API/Permissions name. The default permission status is Not granted for <Organization>.
    Register an Application
  6. Select Grant admin consent for <Organization> and select Yes on the confirmation dialog. The status of Exchange.ManageAsApp updates to Granted for <Organization>.
    Register an Application
  7. Close the current API permissions page (not the browser tab) to return to the App registrations page.

What to do next

Continue to the steps in Creating the Connection and Downloading the Certificate.