Terms and Conditions Dialog Box

Use the Terms and Conditions dialog to manage/version files that provide content to the existing terms and conditions agreements. For details, see Managing Terms and Conditions. Addition of a new source file to an existing agreement creates a new version of that agreement.

Name Name of the terms and conditions agreement. If required, you can edit the name in this field.
Terms and Conditions File Browse for the source file that contains the agreement text or drag the file and drop it into the field.
Note: The source file must be .txt, .htm, or .html, with Unicode character encoding.
Note: The import process does not accept empty files. For .htm and .html, it also rejects malformed files and those that contain embedded scripts.
Require Enrolled Devices to Accept Updated File Turn on the toggle to make acceptance of the updated terms and conditions mandatory for device users.
Version The version number of the source file. Click to preview in the Terms and Conditions section that appears at the bottom of the dialog box.
File Name The name of the file that corresponds to the version.
Date The date and time when the version was added.

Save or Cancel your changes.