Use the Syslog page to:

Enable Syslog Turn on the toggle to display controls on the page.
Protocol Choose a transport layer protocol to use for communication between the syslog server and SOTI MobiControl:
  • UDP
  • TCP
  • Secure TCP: this option requires you to install an SSL certificate from the syslog server on the SOTI MobiControl host computer.
Server Address Enter the server address of the syslog server in FQDN or IP address format. Enter the number of the port through which the syslog server will communicate with SOTI MobiControl.
Message Format Choose a message format:
  • RFC 3164
  • RF 5424
Note: SOTI MobiControl recommends using RFC 5424 whenever possible.
Message Template Click the gear icon to define or edit the message template. For details, see Syslog Message Template.
Send Test Message Click to test the connection between SOTI MobiControl and the syslog server.

Save or Cancel your changes.