Bootstrap Token Settings (macOS Only)

Use this dialog box to enable or disable bootstrap token settings for managed macOS devices that are secure token enabled. The bootstrap token automatically provides a secure token for all mobile account logins on the device through an escrow system on the SOTI MobiControl server. This feature is supported for macOS devices running version 11 and later.

For more information on this feature, see Using Bootstrap Token to Create Secure Tokens Automatically on macOS Devices

Override Settings Inherited from Parent Group 'device group name' Turn on this toggle to ignore settings inherited from parent device groups.

This option only appears on nested device groups.

Apply changes to all child groups and devices Turn on this toggle to cascade settings specified here to all nested devices and device groups.
Enable Bootstrap Token Turn on this toggle to allow escrow of Bootstrap Tokens to SOTI MobiControl server.
Note: Once a bootstrap token is enabled for a machine, all the mobile users who successfully login on that machine will get a secure token, and the secure token will persist even after bootstrap token is disabled from the machine by turning off the Enable Bootstrap Token toggle. The secure token needs to be deleted from the machine manually using scripts on device.
Prompt User to Allow Bootstrap Token When the Enable Bootstrap Token is turned on, this toggle provides the option for an Administrator user on the device to allow escrow of bootstrap tokens to SOTI MobiControl server.