Bulk Importing Device Relocation Mappings

About this task

You can upload a .csv file that contains multiple device relocation mappings rather than individually setting each mapping in the device relocation rule wizard.

To import a .csv to SOTI MobiControl for use with a device relocation rule:


  1. Create the custom data you want to use with this device relocation rule and apply it to the relevant devices.
  2. Create a .csv file with each entry in the following format:
    \\My Company\Sales Devices,,,customdata,value


    My Company\Sales Devices Is the Destination Group that device will move into when they trigger the rule Is the low end of the IP address range. Is the high end of the IP address range.
    customdata Is the custom data name.
    value Is the value of the custom data.
    Important: Follow this format carefully. Furthermore,
    • Place each entry on a new line.
    • Ensure that there is no extra empty line at the end of the .csv file. Validate the spacing by opening the .csv file in a text editor that provides a line count. If your file includes 5 entries you should see only 5 lines with no extra line at the end. If the import process detects an empty line an error similar to the following will appear: Please provide custom data or IP range for (). Invalid Destination Path().{+}.
    • Do not upload a file larger than 400 KB.
  3. Start the device relocation rule wizard and on the Mapping screen, click Import CSV File.
  4. Browse to your .csv file and upload it to SOTI MobiControl.
  5. Finish configuring your device relocation rule.