Enrolling Linux Devices

Before you begin

Before enrolling a Linux device, ensure an enrollment policy has been created. See Creating a Linux Device Policy.

About this task

To install the device agent and enroll Linux devices, use one of the following methods:


  1. Method A: wget - from the command line, run the script that downloads the agent installer and launches it to install the agent on the device:
    • For a root user: su -c 'wget -nc - "https://demo.server.soti.net/enroll/4/install.sh" 2>/dev/null || sh install.sh'
    • For a non-root user: sudo wget -nc - "https://demo.server.soti.net/enroll/4/install.sh" 2>/dev/null || sudo sh install.sh
  2. Method B: download the agent from the console and copy it to your device.
    1. From the SOTI MobiControl hamburger menu, select Policies > Enrollment. The Enrollment Policies view is displayed.
    2. Right-click the enrollment policy for which you want to generate a device agent and select Download Agent.
    3. Select Linux Installer, then select the appropriate distribution version from the list. The file downloads automatically to your computer.
    4. Unzip the downloaded file and copy the extracted files to the device you want to enroll.
    5. Run the device agent installer using the recommended installation method for your operating system. Generally, this includes running the install.sh script as a super user.
  3. Method C: run SOTI MobiControl as ./mobicontrol. Use this method if you do not want to install SOTI MobiControl or do not want to run SOTI MobiControl as a root user.
    1. On the device, extract the contents of the SOTI MobiControl TAR file and go to the folder containing the SOTI MobiControl executable.
    2. Provide root level permissions to the SOTI MobiControl file.
    3. Run ./mobicontrol from the folder.


Your Linux device is now enrolled in SOTI MobiControl and can communicate with the SOTI MobiControl deployment server.