Editing App Policy Access Permissions

About this task

Access permissions to app policies are defined in the Users and Permissions module per role, group, or user. These permissions cover either all app policies (see Defining General Permissions) or app policies in the context of a specific device group (see Defining Permissions Based on a Device Group). You can also edit access permissions for a specific (single) app policy.

To edit access permissions for a specific app policy:


  1. Select App Policies from the main menu to open the Manage Apps view.
  2. On the list, select the desired app policy.
    You can filter, sort, and search the app policies using the view controls.
  3. Click the Edit Permissions icon on the policy-specific toolbar to open the Edit Access Permissions dialog box - see Edit Access Permissions (for App Policy).
  4. Add/edit access permissions as required:
    Search Users, Groups, or Roles Type the name of the required entity to filter the list below to those entities that match what you have typed.
    Add (+) Click this icon to open a dialog box where you can search for, and select, user management entities to be added to the permission list below.
    Users, Groups, or Roles

    This section lists user management entities permitted to view or edit this app policy. The list contains the following columns:

    • Name - the entity name
    • Permissions - select the permission type: None, Read Only, or Read and Write
    • The Delete icon - click to delete the entity from the list


Access permissions to the selected app policy will be updated to match the changes you have made.