Manage OEM-Specific Configurations Without Google Play Services

About this task

Even if you do not use Google Play Services or Managed Play Store, you can still deploy app-specific and OEM-specific management features to Android Enterprise devices using Managed Configurations. This is accomplished by deploying an app and its schema as an enterprise app to your devices. You can read more about OEMConfig here.

The following diagram illustrates the flow of managing app configs without Google Play Services:

Diagram illustrating the flow of OEMConfig from OEM to device without Google Play

OEMConfig apps are specific to the OEM and are not transferrable to devices from a different manufacturer.

Read the OEM documentation to make sure you are configuring the properties correctly. The OEMConfig app's schema is not validated or updated by MobiControl. If the schema is incorrect, or has inaccurate data, then this data is still sent to devices. Any issues with the schema should be addressed to the OEM for resolution.

Note: Currently, this functionality is supported in Samsung and Zebra devices.


  1. Deploy the OEMConfig app as an enterprise app to devices using App Policies.
  2. Configure the OEM-specific settings for the devices through the App Policy's Apps tab > Configure > Managed App Config tab. For example, in Samsung Knox-configured devices you might have granular control of Bluetooth profile access for the devices.
    After the app policy is assigned to the devices, the OEMConfig app is then installed or updated. The desired configurations are applied to the devices.