Feature Control (macOS)

For security-conscious organizations and environments where privacy and information security concerns require controlling the unauthorized transfer of mobile data out of the mobile devices, SOTI MobiControl provides various on-device restrictions including the capability to block various device communications, similar to firewall functionality. The Feature Control profile configuration enables you to selectively disable device features. Applying the configuration at the individual or group level allows custom profiles for different users and locations in an organization. For example, disabling or enabling Bluetooth and infrared ports determines if device users can beam business cards, applications or documents to one another.

Device Functionality

Lock Desktop Picture Prevents the user from modifying the desktop picture selection. Enter the path of the file that will be used as the desktop picture. Leave the path blank to use the current desktop picture collection.
Allow Use of a Built-in Camera Allows use of the built-in camera. When this is restricted all applications, whether native or enterprise, are unable to access the camera.
Allow iCloud Documents and Data Allows document and key-value syncing to iCloud.
Allow Use of iCloud Password for Local Accounts Allows use of the iCloud password for login to the local account.
Allow Back to My Mac iCloud Service Allows the macOS Back to My Mac iCloud service.
Allow Find My Mac iCloud Service Allows the macOS Find My Mac iCloud service.
Allow iCloud Bookmark Sync Allows the macOS iCloud Bookmark sync.
Allow iCloud Mail Services Allows the macOS iCloud Mail services.
Allow iCloud Calendar Services Allows the macOS iCloud Calendar services.
Allow iCloud Reminder Services Allows the iCloud Reminder services.
Allow iCloud Address Book Services Allows the macOS iCloud Address Book services.
Allow iCloud Notes Services Allows the macOS iCloud Notes services.
Allow iCloud Keychain Sync Allows iCloud keychain synchronization.
Allow Spotlight Internet Search Suggestions When selected, Spotlight internet search suggestions will be shown when using Spotlight for searching.
Allow Only Configured Widgets When selected, this option enables you to choose which widgets are enabled.


Delay Software and OS update availability Prevents available software and OS updates from appearing to device user for the specified number of days, up to a maximum of 90 days.
Note: Requires macOS 10.13.4 or later.
Allow Game Center If disabled, removes the Game Center app from the device home screen.
Allow Addition of Game Center Friends Allows users to add friends to Game Center.
Allow Multiplayer Gaming Allows users to play multiplayer games in Game Center.
Allow Account Modifications Allows users to modify the account in Game Center.
Allow Safari Autofill Allows the browser to use autofill to complete forms displayed on websites.
Allow App Store App Adoption Allows users to adopt apps that come free with their Mac.
Require Admin Password to Install or Update Apps Requires use of the admin password to install or update apps.
Allow App Store to Software Updates Only Puts the Mac App Store into update-only mode.
Allow Apple Music Allows users to access Apple Music.
Allow Only Selected Applications Allows applications from the provided list and Specify Whitelist/Blacklist path to allow/disallow applications to be launched.

Media Content

Allow AirDrop Network Access Allows AirDrop network access.
Allow Internal Media Access Allows internal media to be mounted.
Allow External Media Access Allows external media to be mounted.
Allow Disk Image Allows a disk image to be mounted.
Allow DVD RAM Allows the DVD RAM to be mounted.
Allow CDs Allows CDs to be mounted.
Allow DVDs Allows DVDs to be mounted.
Allow Recordable Disk Allows a recordable disk to be mounted.
Eject Volume on Logout Removable media will ejected at logout.
Allow Sharing Services Select this option to allow sharing services, and select the services for which you want to enable sharing.