Content Filter

The Content Filter configuration enables you to specify a content filtering service you can use to restrict and manage user access to websites on macOS devices.

Note: Requires macOS 10.12.6 or later.


Filter Name Enter the filter name to be displayed on the device.
Identifier Enter the bundle identifier of the plugin used for the filtering service. Two third-party plugins (Forcepoint and Blue Coat) are available for web content filtering on macOS.
Service Address Enter the hostname or IP address or URL where the third-party plugin service is running.
Organization Enter the organization string that is passed to the third-party plugin.
Filter Type Select the filter type to be used.


Username Enter the username for authenticating to the filter service.
Password Enter the password for authenticating to the filter service.
Certificate Select the certificate that is used for authenticating to the filter service.

Custom Data

Add Custom Data Click the green + button and enter the key/value pairs that are required by the filtering service. The key/value pairs should be available from the administrator who set up the third-party plugin.