SOTI MobiControl's Ethernet configuration enables you to configure Ethernet settings for macOS devices.


Network Name Enter the name of the network which the device should connect to.
Auto Join Network Select this option to enable the device to automatically connect to this network.


In the Protocols section, you can select the following authentication protocols: TLS, LEAP, EAP-FAST, TTLS, and PEAP.

Note: You must select at least one authentication protocol.

In the Authentication section, you can set the following options:

Username Enter the username here.
Note: Macros can be used to supply the username.
Password Enter the password required for the provided username.
Use Per-connection Password Select this option to request the password for each connection.
Use Identity Certificate When a certificate is imported through the certificate manager, you can select it here. See Certificates for more information.
Other Identity Enter an externally visible identification if using TTLS, PEAP, or EAP-FAST.

In the Trust section, enter the trusted certificates required for authentication.