Application Run Control

The Application Run Control configuration enables you to control which applications are allowed to run on devices and which are blocked. To allow an application to run, you add it to a whitelist, and to block an application from running, you add it to a blacklist.

Click Blacklist to add applications to a blacklist, or click Whitelist to add applications to a whitelist.

Click the Add button to add a new blacklist or whitelist. Under Create New List, click Add to add an application to the list, or Import to select an existing application control list file you want to import to this list.

After you have added a blacklist or whitelist, you can go back and edit the applications in that list be clicking on the list name. Click the Selected button beside each blacklist or whitelist you want to be applied to devices when the profile is assigned.

To delete a blacklist or whitelist, click the Delete button beside the list you want to delete.