XTreme Hub (Device Settings)

Specify how devices should behave if they fail to download files from an XTreme Hub on their first try.

Override Settings Inherited from Parent Group 'device group name' Select to ignore settings inherited from parent device groups.

This option only appears on nested device groups.

Apply changes to all child groups and devices Select to cascade settings specified here to all nested devices and device groups.

Turn on Enable XTreme Hub.

Configuration Settings

Retry Sync Interval Specify a time interval to determine how frequently device should attempt to download files from their associated XTreme Hub after an unsuccessful first attempt. Each device within the device group randomly chooses a value within the specified range to reduce the burden of multiple devices contacting the XTreme Hub at once.
Retry Sync Attempts Specify how many times a device can try to download files from its XTreme Hub.

If all attempts fail, the device will wait until its next check in to try and download files.