Shared Device Configuration

Use the Shared Device Configuration dialog box to configure how shared devices behave when accessed by authorized users.

Note: Settings may differ depending on the selected device family.
Override Settings Inherited from Parent Group 'device group name' Select to ignore settings inherited from parent device groups.

This option only appears on nested device groups.

Apply changes to all child groups and devices Select to cascade settings specified here to all nested devices and device groups.
Enable Shared Device Select this option to enable the Shared Device advanced configuration.
Add Groups
  • Directory Service
  • Identity Provider

Click the to select either a Directory Services or a Identity Provider connection from the dropdown list. If you haven't configured a directory service or IdP, you can set up a new connection by clicking Manage Directories. Refer to Identity Management for instructions on how to associate your identity management system with SOTI MobiControl.

Note: Shared devices do not work with Azure AD because users cannot be authenticated against Azure AD.
User Group Mapping Use this table to map user groups to the device groups they'll move into once a user from that user group logs into the device. Each user group can be mapped to a different destination device group, with different terms and conditions.

For example, you can specify that the devices logged into by users in the IT user group should move to Group B upon login. Group B has lockdown and some feature control options configured. Then, specify that users in the Sales user group should move to Group C, which has lockdown and VPN profile configurations applied, as well as a more frequent check in schedule.

Choose a terms and conditions document from the dropdown list.

Log out automatically after a set period Enable this option to log out a user after a set period.
Log out automatically when inactive Enable this option to log out a user after a device is inactive for a set period.
Relocate device back to home device group on logout Enable this option to send the device back to its original group once the device user logs out. Settings and configurations specific to the destination group will be removed and instead the settings and configurations of the home group will reapply.
Clear managed application data when user logs out Enable this option to delete all data from applications installed by SOTI MobiControl, when a device user logs out of Shared Device mode.
Note: Email account data is always cleared regardless of whether this option is selected or not.
Disable device passcode when user logs out Enable this option to clear the passcode from the device once the device user logs out.
Note: This option is only supported on iOS devices or Samsung devices running Android 7.0 or later.