Device Time Synchronization

This feature enables you to synchronize the time settings on a device with either a SOTI MobiControl deployment server or an SNTP/NTP server. Use this dialog box to configure the settings for device time synchronization.

Note: Different regions within a single time zone may adhere to different daylight saving time (DST) adjustments. When configuring device time synchronization, ensure that you obtain information about when DST begins and ends in the relevant regions.
Override Settings Inherited from Parent Group 'device group name' Select to ignore settings inherited from parent device groups.

This option only appears on nested device groups.

Apply changes to all child groups and devices Select to cascade settings specified here to all nested devices and device groups.
Enable Time Synchronization Policy Select this option to enable device time synchronization.
Use Server Type: Deployment Server The device will synchronize its time with a SOTI MobiControl deployment server when it connects to it.
  • Date and Time Only: Date and time settings are synchronized, but not the time zone.
  • All Time Settings: All time settings are synchronized, including date, time, DST, and time zone.
  • Set Time Zone: Select this option to set the time zone for devices that are in a different time zone than the deployment server.
Use Server Type: SNTP/NTP Server The device will synchronize its time with the SNTP/NTP servers specified in the Default SNTP/NTP Server and Secondary SNTP/NTP Server fields. These fields will be hidden until SNTP/NTP Server is selected.

When this option is selected, the device will attempt to synchronize its time according to the interval specified in the Interval Between Synchronizations field.

If a synchronization attempt fails, the device will retry after the interval specified in the Interval Between Failed Attempts field has elapsed.

Note: An SNTP/NTP server does not synchronize DST settings.
Set Time Zone Enable to set a different time zone than that of the deployment server.

A Select Time Zone dropdown list will appear when this option is enabled.

Select Time Zone Select a time zone from the dropdown list.
Time Settings to be Synchronized Select which time settings will be synchronized.

This option is not available if Set Time Zone is enabled.