Update Schedule (Windows Modern)

Use the Update Schedule dialog box to schedule the times when an enrolled device checks into the SOTI MobiControl deployment server for updates.

Override Settings Inherited from Parent Group 'device group name' Select to ignore settings inherited from parent device groups.

This option only appears on nested device groups.

Apply changes to all child groups and devices Select to cascade settings specified here to all nested devices and device groups.

Device Update Schedule

Enable Update When Device Connects to immediately send updates to the device when it connects to the deployment server, rather than waiting until its next schedule update.

Click Add to open Add Device Schedules where you can configure a new update schedule. See Add Device Schedule for instructions.

Click Delete All to remove all configured update schedules from the device. While you can delete all existing device schedules at once, you cannot close the Update Schedule without configuring a new schedule.

Click an update schedule to edit it.

Delete a single update schedule by hovering over its entry in the Add Device Schedules table and clicking Delete.

Note: You cannot add additional schedules until you configure the Windows Notification Services.

Add Device Schedule

Frequency Specify how frequently the update schedule should occur. Choose Periodically to set a more custom schedule.
Run Task On/ Run Task Every Set when (date or day of week) you want the update schedule to occur.
Starting Date Select a date when you want the first update schedule to occur.
Time Select the time of day when you want the update schedule to start.