Using the Samsung Knox Container

SOTI MobiControl supports the activation and use of Samsung Knox Workspace on Samsung devices. Samsung Knox Workspace is a secure container that contains enterprise data on a phone, separating from personal data. You can use SOTI MobiControl to manage your corporate data within the container.

Samsung Knox Workspace is not available on all Samsung devices. The Samsung device must support the API Knox v1 or later (visible in the Device Information panel) to enable the container.

Samsung devices with the Samsung Knox Workspace container activated are subsumed within the Android Plus platform. Enrollment, remote control, and all other device management are performed within the Android Plus platform.

You must purchase Samsung Knox licenses before you can use the Samsung Knox features on your devices.

Note: Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment is another component of the Samsung MDM platform but it is completely independent of Samsung Knox Workspace. You do not need to enable one to use the other. See Using Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment for more information.