Editing the Samsung ELM Configuration

Before you begin

You must have an on-premises activation server already set up if you are switching the ELM configuration type to Custom.

About this task

The Samsung enterprise license management (ELM) configuration controls how licenses for Samsung ELM agents and Samsung KNOX containers are activated. There are two types of ELM Configuration: Standard (ELM is activated via Samsung's cloud-hosted Activation Server) or Custom (ELM is activated via an On-Premises Activation Server – for offline deployments).

Note: ELM license activation is a core aspect of Samsung device management. Exercise caution when modifying this setting.

To edit the Samsung ELM configuration:


  1. On the All Platforms tab, select the Servers tab.
  2. Under the Global Settings, click the wrench icon beside Samsung ELM Configuration.
  3. Change the ELM Configuration Type to either Standard or Custom.
  4. If you selected Custom, enter the custom key provided when you set up your on-premises activation server.
  5. Click OK to save the new activation setting and close the dialog box.