Samsung Knox License Manager

You must purchase Samsung Knox Workspace licenses before you can use the Samsung Knox Workspace feature on your devices. You can purchase either Perpetual Licenses or Monthly Licenses. Once you have purchased the licenses, you must add them to SOTI MobiControl to use them with your devices.

Use the Knox License Manager (available from the Help button in the upper right corner of the SOTI MobiControl console) to review your licenses.


Perpetual licenses are a one-time fee per device and are valid forever. However, devices activated with a perpetual Samsung Knox Workspace license are tied to that license forever. If a device is damaged, lost, or stolen, the license cannot be released and you will need to purchase a new license for any replacement devices.


Monthly licenses are temporary licenses and must be renewed on a monthly basis. If the license is not renewed, the Samsung Knox container and its features become non-functional. A single license key can activate multiple devices.

On-Premises Samsung Knox License Activation

Samsung Knox license activation is supported within offline or an on-premises environment for devices that are Knox 2.0-capable or higher. You must set up a Samsung license activation server to use Samsung Knox Workspace.