Activating the Samsung Knox Container on Your Devices

Before you begin

Once you have purchased licenses for Samsung Knox Workspace and added them to SOTI MobiControl, you can enable the container on your Samsung devices that support the feature.

About this task

To activate the Samsung Knox container:


  1. Determine which of your Samsung devices support the Samsung Knox container - and which version. Different versions have slightly different functionality.
    Refer to the Device Information panel of your devices. If Samsung Knox v1 or later is visible under Supported APIs, it is supported.
  2. Create a profile in the Android Plus platform for an Android Plus, not Samsung Knox type device.
  3. Add the Knox Container to the profile.
  4. Save and assign the profile to your Samsung devices.
  5. Check the targeted devices to make sure the container has been applied.


The Samsung Knox container is now active on your devices. If you want to apply profile configurations and packages to only the Samsung Knox container, select Samsung Knox from the Type drop-down in the Android Plus Add Profile dialog box.