Understanding Data Flow Within SOTI XSight

This section provides an overview of how SOTI XSight collects, processes and displays data.

  1. Raw Data – Device Data Collection (every 15 minutes) - The SOTI XSight agent has several data collectors that gather information for each category listed below. Data is collected at a specific frequency and is stored in the SOTI XSight agent database.
    Battery event driven collection - if no event, every 15 minutes
    App Usage Event driven collection - every time the app is in the foreground
    Data Usage every 15 minutes
    Location every 15 minutes (limit 4 location samples/hour, only significant changes in location and signal as well as SSD are recorded)
    Some calculations (e.g., discharge rate) hourly
  2. Cooked Data (set in the Analysis Profile setting for Data Delivery) – Cooked data is essentially raw data that has been summarized, formatted and ready to be sent to the server. Cooked data can be sent on a specific frequency called the Data Delivery Window within the Analysis Profile (or manually pushed through the Agent’s “Cook and Send” developer option). Cooked Data goes into the Cook database before being moved to the DW (Data Warehouse database) for Aggregation.
    • Data Delivery (Cook Window) – This setting determines how often the agents COOK and SEND their data. For example, if you set a frequency of 4 hours, the devices will randomly send the data during the “Data Delivery Window” specified in the Analysis Profile.
  3. Aggregated Data (once a day after cooking on the server side) – Cooked data that is further summarized into a single value for processing by SOTI XSight.
  4. Final Data (once the server serves the data) – The aggregated data has some general house keeping and processing done to it by SOTI XSight and displayed within the user interface.