Overview of SOTI XSight architecture

This section provides an overview of the SOTI XSight architecture, as well as information about how to set up SOTI XSight.

SOTI XSight integrates with SOTI MobiControl for:

  • license management
  • authentication and authorization
  • role management
  • user lookups and support email processing
  • retrieval of device and device group information
  • setting up remote control, Linux terminal and web console connections
  • data collection from devices

The diagram below shows a simple on-premise setup of SOTI XSight that is co-located with SOTI MobiControl.

XSight architecture overview

Core Components

Component Function
SOTI XSight Service A Windows service that hosts the SOTI XSight Web Console
Tunnel Service A Windows service that provides functionality to access the command-line terminal and administrative web console on Linux devices
SOTI XSight Agent Service A Windows service that is responsible for communicating with the SOTI XSight Agent in order to receive collected data and send agent configurations
SOTI XSight Agent A mobile application that collects data and runs data analysis on mobile devices
SOTI XSight Services A service hosted by SOTI that provides licensing and supplies device skins for remote control
SOTI XSight Database A database that stores all data related to incident management, general configurations, user preferences and authorization
SOTI XSight Cook Database A database that stores data collected from the Agents, MobiControl device and device group reference information, as well as configuration information for device agents
SOTI XSight DW Database A database that stores all processed and aggregated data for the SOTI XSight Operational Intelligence dashboards

Network Communications

Purpose Source(s) Destination Protocol Port
1. XSight Web Console & Web Remote Control Browser SOTI XSight Service Web Socket 443
2. Linux Terminal & Web Console Browser Tunnel Service HTTPS 443
3. XSight Agent communication with XSight Server SOTI XSight Agent SOTI XSight Agent Service TCP (comm) 5493
4. SOTI XSight Licensing & Skins API SOTI XSight Service SOTI Services (skinapi.soti.net & sotiassistservices.soti.net) HTTPS 443
5. REST API calls from SOTI XSight to MobiControl for User Permissions, Device Actions, User Lookup, Devices and Device Group Info, and Remote Control setup information SOTI XSight Service MobiControl Management Services HTTPS 443
6. REST API Calls from Tunnel and Agent Services to XSight Service, to set up Linux Tunnel Service connection and for retrieving MobiControl Device and Device Group Information Tunnel Service, SOTI XSight Agent Service SOTI XSight Service HTTPS 443
7. Relay Remote Control, and Linux Terminal and Web Console connections for the XSight Web Console via MobiControl Deployment Service SOTI XSight Agent Service, Tunnel Service MobiControl Deployment Service TCP (comm) 5493
8. Database connection for XSight agent data collection and main XSight application SOTI XSight Service, SOTI XSight Agent Service SQL Server TCP 1433