Drawing On the Device Screen

About this task

SOTI XSight provides a set of drawing tools that enable you and the device user to collaborate by drawing on the device screen.


To activate the screen drawing tools:
Click the Enable Screen Drawing button on the remote control toolbar.
The screen drawing toolbar appears at the bottom of the page.
The drawing toolbar contains the following tools:
  • Disable Drawing: Temporarily suspends on-screen drawing to allow you or the user to interact with the device's screen.
  • Clear All Drawings: Removes all drawings on the device's screen.
  • Change Color: Changes the pencil color.
  • Stroke Weight: Adjusts the radius of the pencil or eraser.
  • Eraser: Changes the cursor into an eraser so you can selectively remove portions of the drawing on the screen.
  • Pencil: Changes the cursor into a pencil.
  • Laser: Changes the cursor into a laser pointer you can use to call attention to something on the screen.
  • Change User Access: Switches between allowing only you, or both you and the device user, to draw on the device screen.
  • Switch to whiteboard: Changes the device screen into a digital canvas for you and the device user to collaborate.


When you give the device user the ability to draw on the screen, a set of drawing tools appear at the bottom of the device screen.

Device Drawing Tools

These tools enable the device user to draw on the screen with a finger. They can use the tools to change the line color, clear all drawings from the screen, and temporarily suspend drawing so they can interact normally with the device screen.