Remotely Controlling Devices

About this task

You can start a remote control session from within either SOTI XSight or SOTI MobiControl.


To start a remote control session from within SOTI XSight:
  • In the Devices section on the left of the incident details view, click Remote Control under the device you want to remotely control.
    Start a remote control session
    Note: If your device permissions allow you to remotely view the device, but not control it, the link displays Remote View rather than Remote Control.
    Note: You can also see device information snapshots for the selected device. Unlike remote control/view, the device snapshot is available even for offline devices. Information snapshot functionality is available to all devices - iOS, Android, Windows, and so on.
    The device is displayed in the working panel of the incident.
To end the remote control session:
  • At the upper-right of the Remote Control page, click the close button. Remote Control page header