Downloading Diagnostic Files

About this task

The following diagnostic files can be downloaded from a device at any time:
  • App Data - List of the applications installed and SOTI MobiControl root certificates
  • Kiosk Data - All files required by the Kiosk (Lockdown) mode
  • Logs - ADB Logs from debug report and from the SOTI MobiControl agent
  • Preferences - XML files that store agent's shared preferences as key-value pairs
  • System - Location, GPS, Network, Wi-Fi, Telephony, GSM, CDMA, and system snapshot data
  • Shared Data - Content that users read/write to/from a folder
  • COPE - For COPE-enrolled devices; contains files for the Work Profile agent
  • Database - Information on profiles and packages assigned to the device
Diagnostic files selection panel
Note: The activity recorded in adb.log can vary from device to device. In general, devices running legacy SOTI MobiControl agents or SOTI MobiControl plugins for Android Enterprise will return richer logs and include activities related to apps other than SOTI MobiControl.

To download device's diagnostic files:


  1. Initiate a remote control session with a device.
  2. In the Remote Control view, click the Download Diagnostic Files tool.
    The Available Types of Diagnostic Files dialog box opens.
  3. Select check boxes by the file types you want to download and click Download.
    Once the files have finished downloading, they are automatically attached to the incident. You can preview these files in the Incident Details view.