Analyzing Battery Status

This dashboard displays information about the health of device batteries and the conditions the batteries are used under. You can monitor how long batteries are charged, how quickly they are discharged, and which apps contribute to the drain.

Dashboard Description
Top 5 Models devices categorized by model
Top 5 OS Versions devices categorized by operating systems
Top 5 Manufacturers devices from each manufacturer
Top 5 Battery Sizes devices categorized by battery size (mAh)
Remaining Battery Capacity categorizes devices by remaining charging capacity. Charge capacity is calculated as a percentage of remaining charging capacity of the battery compared to when the battery was new. Good – capacity over 75%, Average – capacity between 50-74%, Bad – capacity between 0-49%
Battery Temperature categorizes devices by average temperature during the selected time period. Normal – 0-35 degree C; Too Hot – greater than 35 degrees C; Too Cold – less than 0 degrees C; Both less than 0 and greater than 35 degrees C.
Charge Cycles categorized by the number of charge cycles battery has gone through in a selected date range
Cumulative Charge Cycles categorized by the number of times the battery has been charged to date
Charge Patterns categorizes devices by the pattern most commonly used to charge them. The three charging patterns measured are: To Full – device is charged to full and then unplugged; Past Full – charged to full and then left plugged in; Spot – multiple times during the day (e.g., in and out of the cradle for short periods of time)
Charge Type categorized by type of charging equipment employed
Charge Level at a selected time categorized by battery charge percentage at the selected time
Discharge Rate per Hour number of devices grouped by discharge rate percentage
Top 5 App Drain (Foreground) categorized by applications causing battery drain