Creating an Analysis Profile

About this task

Your operational intelligence dashboards are populated with data from analysis profiles you create.

To set up an Analysis Profile:


  1. From the SOTI XSight main menu, select Operational Intelligence.
  2. Click Create Analysis Profile Add button. The New Analysis Profile wizard launches.
  3. On the General page of the wizard, give the profile a name and description. Click Next.
    New Analysis profile General tab
  4. Select the SOTI MobiControl instance and Root Device groups for the profile then click Next.
    New Analysis Profile Assignment tab
  5. Choose the type of collection mode, Data delivery time and window size, and type of data to upload. Click Next.
    New Analysis Profile Data Collection Mode tab
    Data Delivery

    Determines how often the device sends data to the server

    Data Delivery Window Size

    Sets the period of time when the agent can send data to the server. For example, if you set a frequency of 4 hours, devices randomly send data during that 4 hour window

    Data Upload

    Selects which data types are collected (Wifi, Cellular and Roaming data)

  6. Configure a watchlist for this profile based on conditions you select. The Watchlist dashboard displays a list of devices that have exceeded one or more configurable parameter thresholds. This enables you to quickly determine which devices may require attention. Devices that have exceeded three or more parameter thresholds are placed on the Critical list.
    New Analysis Profile Watchlist tab
  7. Click Activate to complete the Analysis Profile. You can now deploy the SOTI XSight agent.