Viewing Dashboards

About this task

The dashboards present a graphical view of the data collected from a set of devices. The devices represented in the dashboard are listed in a table under the dashboard charts or map. You can export the first 1,000 devices in the table to a CSV file by clicking the Export to CSV button at the head of the table.

To view the SOTI Insight dashboards:


  1. On the menu bar, click the menu button and select View Dashboard.
    The Dashboard view opens.
  2. In the left pane of the Dashboard view, click the dashboard you would like to view.
    Battery Status Displays information about the device battery, such as:
    • battery size
    • battery temperature
    • charge cycles, pattern, and type
    • charge level
    • discharge rate per hour
    • top user apps causing battery drain
    • top system apps causing battery drain
    Application Usage Displays information about the apps installed on the device, such as:
    • proportion of system apps and user apps
    • app storage size
    • top most-used apps
    • top apps by foreground usage time
    • top apps that have been installed but never opened
    Data Usage Displays information about data usage, such as:
    • top carriers
    • carrier signal strength
    • proportion of uploads and downloads
    • connection type
    • top apps by data usage
    • top browsers by data usage
    • total data usage by date
    Last Known Location Displays a map showing the last known location of devices.
    Location Signal Strength Displays a map showing the signal strength of the devices' cellular carriers based on network carrier and type.
    Most Frequent Location Displays a map showing the locations that are most frequently visited by devices.


The selected dashboard opens in the right pane.