Uninstalling the Device Agent From a Windows Mobile/CE Device

About this task

To remove the SOTI MobiControl device agent from your Windows Mobile or CE device:


  1. On your Windows Mobile/CE device, open the Start menu and select Settings.
  2. Click on the System tab and go to Remove Programs.
  3. Select SOTI MobiControl from the list of applications and click Remove.
    To ensure the device can be easily re-enrolled in SOTI MobiControl, the uninstaller for the SOTI MobiControl device agent does not remove all installed files from the device. If you want to completely remove the SOTI MobiControl agent from the device, complete the rest of the steps, otherwise, you have successfully uninstalled the SOTI MobiControl device agent.
  4. In the persistent storage folder (set during installation), remove the pdb.ini file and the PdbPkg folder.
  5. In the root directory of the device, remove the PkInst.log and PkCtrlSv.log files and the PdbInfo folder.