User Permissions

Use the User Permissions dialog box to specify which users or user groups have rights to view, modify, or delete this feature in SOTI MobiControl.

You can only specify security permissions for users and groups that exist in Access Control Policy.

Find and select a user or user group using the search field. Once selected, the user or user group appears under the heading for their user type: SOTI MobiControl Users, SOTI MobiControl Groups, or IdP Users/Groups. Apply their permission level from the dropdown list.

  • Choose Read and Write to allow the selected user or user group to edit the configuration.
  • Choose Read to allow the selected user or user group to see but not edit the configuration.
  • Choose None to hide this configuration entirely from the selected user or user group.

The configuration is hidden from users who are not explicitly added to the list.

Note: The creator of the configuration and any user groups associated with the creator, are given read and write access to it by default.