Using E-FOTA Licenses

You must purchase an E-FOTA license to use the E-FOTA program. You can purchase licenses from Samsung or an authorized reseller. Visit Samsung E-FOTA for more information on E-FOTA and its licensing. After purchasing a license, you can add it to SOTI MobiControl through the E-FOTA License Manager.

You can add multiple E-FOTA licenses to SOTI MobiControl. You need the following to add a license to SOTI MobiControl:

  • License Name
  • Group ID
  • Customer ID
  • License Key

The License Name and Group ID are user-defined attributes to distinguish between different licenses in SOTI MobiControl. The Customer ID and License Key are provided by Samsung or the reseller. Each license requires a different license key, although you can have multiple licenses with the same customer ID.

Note: You will also need your client credentials to validate the link between SOTI MobiControl and Samsung E-FOTA servers.

You can create multiple group IDs under each license to further organize the devices. Group IDs must be unique within a single license and licenses with the same customer IDs. When you enroll devices into E-FOTA, they are placed within a license and a group ID. After enrollment, you can change the group ID of a device but not its license.

You must unenroll or delete a device from SOTI MobiControl to unenroll it from E-FOTA.