Using Samsung E-FOTA

Enterprise Firmware Over the Air (E-FOTA) is a software update mechanism developed by Samsung that allows you to control the rollout of software updates to your enterprise devices. Every software update brings a possibility of malfunctions, whether they are due to compatibility issues with other software or new security vulnerabilities. E-FOTA allows you to delay an update while you thoroughly test its functionality across the devices in your deployments. When you are satisfied with an update's stability, you can distribute the update to your devices in a controlled manner.

This section contains the following topics:

You can also use E-FOTA to force devices to stay up to date with the latest version or, in some cases, skip over updates. You cannot, however, use E-FOTA to downgrade a device's software to an earlier version. In all cases, device users cannot block the upgrade and their interaction is not required.

E-FOTA manages all of Samsung's official firmware updates including major firmware upgrades (for example, Android 8.0), security patches, bug fixes, and app updates. The E-FOTA server provides a list of available firmware versions which include a description of the contents of each update.

E-FOTA is supported on Samsung devices running Android 7.0 or later with Samsung Knox 2.71 or later. You must purchase E-FOTA licenses from Samsung or an authorized reseller to use the feature. Once you have acquired your licenses and added them to SOTI MobiControl, you can enroll your devices in E-FOTA and begin managing their update process.

Visit Samsung E-FOTA for more information on the capabilities of E-FOTA.