Using the SOTI MobiControl REST API

About this task

Integrate SOTI MobiControl into your enterprise mobility workflow or partner applications using our RESTful web service API. SOTI MobiControl provides an interactive environment where you can experiment with the REST API.

Tip: For a detailed list of the properties that make up a managed device in the SOTI MobiControl REST API response, refer to the SOTI MobiControl REST API Device Properties Spreadsheet.

To get to your interactive REST API environment:


  1. Log into your SOTI MobiControl console.
  2. In the address bar of the web browser, replace everything after MobiControl/ with api and go to the new web page.
    For example, change to


You have entered the interactive environment of the SOTI MobiControl REST API service. Detailed documentation on the available APIs is available directly within the API reference.

Warning: API calls sent from this page are executed against your SOTI MobiControl environment. Exercise extreme caution when executing each API call against a production environment.

The syntax for filtering expressions differs between GET /devices/search and GET /devices endpoints.

Use advanced search expressions for GET /devices/search. For example, use filter=BatteryStatus%3E38%20AND%20CellularCarrier%3D%27Communications%20Network%27 to find devices with battery statuses greater than 35% AND whose cellular carrier has a name containing the terms "Communications Network".

Use name value pairs for GET /devices. For example, use {Family}:{Linux}, {IsAgentOnline}:{TRUE} to find Linux devices whose agents are online.