Web Filter

Use website filtering to block users from accessing certain websites based on specific URLs. You can create a blacklist or a whitelist of URLs.

When a blacklist is applied, any sites on the blacklist will redirect the device user to the default URL for blocked websites or a blank page, depending on your settings.

A whitelist is more restrictive than a blacklist. The device user can only access the sites specified on the whitelist. Any attempt by the device user to access non-whitelisted sites will redirect the device user to the default URL or a blank page, depending on your settings. Redirect URLs are automatically whitelisted.

You cannot apply both a blacklist and a whitelist within the same profile configuration. If a device receives a blacklist and a whitelist from two different profiles, the whitelist will apply, overriding the blacklist. If a device receives multiple blacklists or multiple whitelists from different profiles, then the websites (and exceptions) from all profiles are unioned.

Select a Type Toggle between Blacklist and Whitelist using these radio buttons.
Whitelist/Blacklist URLs: Add (+) Click to display the Websites section where you can enter the web domain(s) or website(s) that you want to include in your blacklist or whitelist rule. Each website or domain you add displays on the list, with a dedicated Delete icon that enables you to delete this website/domain.
Whitelist/Blacklist URLs: Import Click this icon to open the Import Filter Domains dialog box in which you can import multiple filter domains from a file. The import file must be in .csv or .txt format with one filter domain per row.
Delete All Click to delete all domains or websites from the list.