Device lockdown replaces the standard device home screen with a customizable home screen that provides access only to authorized applications and websites.

Note: Requires Ubuntu 16.04 or 18.04.

Device Control

Custom Home Screen

Click Add to add a home screen item to the lockdown profile configuration. Home screen items are the authorized apps that will be available when a device is in lockdown mode. Device Control home screen items and Speed Control home screen items are entirely separate from each other. If you're using both Device Control and Speed Control and you want to use the same home screen items for both, you must enter information for them in both places.

Choose a lockdown template that determines how your home screen items are displayed on the device. You can use a predefined template provided by SOTI MobiControl or create your own template.

Lockdown Exit Password

Use this section to enter a password that the device must enter to exit lockdown.


Templates are HTML files that dictate how the home screen items are displayed on the device when it's in lockdown mode. You can use one of the SOTI MobiControl provided templates or create your own templates.

Custom Templates

To create a new custom template, click Add to open the Lockdown: Custom Templates dialog box.

You can edit, duplicate, or delete your custom templates. You can also upload an HTML template file to SOTI MobiControl. Click Import Template then browse to the HTML file on your computer. Click Import.