Custom Profile

Use this dialog box to define a custom profile, which enables the Linux agents of a version later than that of the SOTI MobiControl server to successfully process the profiles. For example, if your SOTI MobiControl instance uses the 15.2 server, and your Linux devices run the 15.3 agent, custom profile is the mechanism that will enable you to push profiles to devices without upgrading your server.

Profile Name Enter the name for the custom configuration profile.
Profile Identifier Enter the profile ID the agent will recognize.
Custom Configurations: List Lists custom configuration key:value pairs that constitute the profile. Pairs can be added, edited, and deleted (by clicking the Delete icon in the corresponding row.
Custom Configurations: Add (+) Click this icon to add a blank key:value row to the list. You can then enter the kay and its value into the corresponding fields.
Custom Configurations: Delete All Click to delete all key:value pairs from the list.